Visiting MIT Media Lab

Very excited to share that I will be visiting Dr. Raskar’s Camera Culture group at the MIT Media Lab this summer. I will be working there from 1 July to 22 August. My project will be to develop algorithms and simulations as a proof of concept for combining physics with machine learning.

First paper

Just finished writing an academic paper. This wasn’t the first paper that I was involved in, but the first for which I was the lead writer. It was a very tight deadline, but happy that we could meet it. I always thought that I need to work on my writing skills and this was a particularly rewarding experience to that end. Now, hopefully it will pass the reviews. Fingers crossed!

Hello world!

Making my own website using Jekyll, which is very convenient to use. I am yet to construct some of the areas of this site, hopefully I can get that done soon. I wish to share my work and ideas fairly regularly here, but may not necessarily find the time to do so. Let’s see how this goes.