I am a Masters student at Duke University specializing in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a recipient of the ECE department's Merit Scholarship. I work under Dr. Roarke Horstmeyer at the Duke Computational Optics Lab as a Research Assistant. Currently, I am working on building a new generation of microscopes using machine learning techniques.

I am originally from Karanja Lad, a small town in the Vidharbha region of Maharashtra. I attended College of Engineering, Pune where I did my bachelors in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering. After graduating, I worked at Embryyo Technologies, a start-up in medical devices. My work was focused on developing microfluidic devices for early detection of blood sepsis. I also worked on developing image processing algorithms for on-chip hematocrit estimation.

I have a broad range of topics that I find interesting, but the areas which are my favourites are computer vision and machine learning. Since I have some experience in the field of medical devices, I am always looking for new developments there.

More than anything else though, it’s the pleasure of figuring things out which drives me the most. I am always willing to test unknown waters and stretch myself to learn about things which are completely new to me.

I do some photography, although I would like to do it more. I also spend time cooking or reading about history, general science, or some good fiction. I am a big fan of Manchester United, and I follow Cricket and Formula 1 closely as well.